Welder Class C

Manchester, NH


Fabricates and welds a variety of metals from sheet stock to heavy plate. Welding processes utilized include Tig-Mig-stick and occasional brazing. Work is performed using basic hand tools-jigs-fixtures and precision measuring devices.


  • Works on fixturing weldments and creates tooling as required for new jobs.
  • Interprets blueprints, weld symbols, machining requirements, and datums to weld and create fixtures.
  • Works along with manufacturing, quality control, and engineering to solve problems with weldments or prints.
  • Demonstrates responsibility and accountability for creating a professional, safe, and clean environment evidenced by: being at work on time to perform assigned duties, following the policies of Granite State Manufacturing, always wearing safety glasses in designated areas, maintaining a neat and orderly work area, and following safety practices to prevent errors.
  • Demonstrates commitment to teamwork by establishing effective relationships and networks with both managers/directors and workers, and collaborating with them to accomplish shared purposes and goals.
  • Abide by GSM Code of Ethics and Business Conduct standards and strictly observe all U.S. and foreign laws and regulations.


  • Minimal experience with specification or code welding. May have some experience, but does not have full working knowledge of requirements. AWS/ASME experience is not MIL Spec experience.
  • Minimal to no experience with fixturing and straightening.
  • Minimal ability to use hand measuring tools
  • Ability to be trained in workmanship, blueprint reading, weld symbol reading, and measuring tool use.
  • Needs additional help with setup and training on the welder performance qualification test. May have to retake test before passing.
  • Can perform at least GTA (TIG) welding or have the ability to be trained in it.
  • Minimal to no experience with manual vertical milling machines, saws, grinders, and overhead cranes. May be self-taught.
  • Can be trained in workmanship and pass test with assistance.

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