Gage Calibration Technician

Manchester, NH


Organizes and maintains the gage calibration system to ensure all gages used at GSM are current and in calibration. Compiles reports from data obtained from Quality department as required.


  • Organizes all GSM’s measurement equipment and ensure they are entered into the gage calibration system.
  • Maintains the gage calibration system to ensure all measurement equipment is calibrated on time and properly entered in to the calibration system.
  • Enter and maintain other tracking activities (approved suppliers, employee certs / testing, etc…) as assigned and ensure dates do not go past due.
  • Collect and coordinate shipment of all gages being sent for calibration.
  • Compiles data, as assigned from Quality Leadership produces reports and spreadsheets as required.
  • Verifies information of calibration certs and data for completeness and accuracy.
  • Calibrate in-house gages such as calipers, micrometers, etc, following internal procedures.
  • Measure gages to verify functionality after use.
  • Uses computer or other recording device to duplicate information for filling or distribution.
  • Demonstrates responsibility and accountability for creating a professional, safe, and clean environment evidenced by: being at work on time to perform assigned duties, following the policies of Granite State Manufacturing, always wearing safety glasses in designated areas, maintaining a neat and orderly work area, and following safety practices to prevent errors.
  • Demonstrates commitment to teamwork by establishing effective relationships and networks with both managers/directors and workers, and collaborating with them to accomplish shared purposes and goals.
  • Abide by GSM Code of Ethics and Business Conduct standards and strictly observe all U.S. and foreign laws and regulations.


  • Certification from college or technical school, or three years related experience and training, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Ability to interpret contractual requirements and ensure requirements are met.
  • Strong computer skills. Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Strong organizational/record keeping skills. Ability to maintain a complete file system both physical and digital.

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