Defense/Homeland Security

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Unmanned Systems

GSM has years of successful manufacturing experience with autonomous ASW Targets for the U.S. Navy, Ground Robots used in the disposal of IEDs in the GWOT, cradles for Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) mine hunting operations and autonomous rotary aircraft . In addition, GSM has extensive experience manufacturing support equipment including; electro-mechanical launch and recovery systems used with Unmanned Surface and Underwater Vehicles, and Unmanned Ground Vehicle Operation Control Units. Whether you’re looking for design for manufacturing expertise for a new unmanned system or you require manufacturing know-how to complete a build-to-design effort, GSM will provide the solution. Our empirical learning curve uniquely qualifies GSM as an ideal Contract Manufacturing Asset. Further, GSM understands what it takes to be a successful manufacturing partner. We focus on the details, and continually search for new material suppliers and update our manufacturing techniques in order to drive down cost and improve our product leadtimes. This approach enables us to quickly respond to changes in product features and/or demand in production quantities. From prototype to full scale production, GSM has the experience and flexibility to manufacturer a wide variety of Unmanned Systems and platforms. For more information please contact us at 1-800-goGSMgo
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Antenna Systems

GSM has a strong legacy of providing quality antenna systems for numerous DOD Customers including the US Navy. Some of these products include mission critical systems such as the AN/BRA6, AN/BRA24 and the AN/BRA34. GSM has provided over one hundred OE-538/BRC Multifunction Mast Antennas to the Los Angeles and Virginia Class Submarines. The OE-538/BRC Antenna is a high performance, mast-mounted, communication and navigation antenna intended for new construction or as a replacement upgrade for antennas on existing submarines.
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Handling Systems

GSM is a leading manufacturer of Handling Systems used in demanding marine environments around the globe. GSM experience includes manufacturing a variety of intricate systems including:
  • Over Sixty OA-9070/BQQ Deployable Array Working Groups used for towed sonar arrays onboard Los Angeles and Virginia Class Submarines
  • Over Sixty AN/BRA-24A Antenna Transfer Assemblies consisting of Hydraulic Controls, Cable Storage Reel, Antenna Drive components

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Precision Weldments

One of GSM’s strongest core competencies is the manufacturing of precision weldments for numerous industries and applications. GSM’s diverse experience ranges from custom high-speed food processing platforms to complex launch and recovery pallets used onboard US Navy Surface Ships. GSM offers precision weldment manufacturing with numerous material and specifications. See our Welding section under Services/Manufacturing Capabilities for more information.