ANY Tampering attempt sends an immediate ALERT:

Interdict or Assign Responsibility IMMEDIATELY


Proudly Made in the USA

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Pallet Cover Model 4840

Don’t leave your shipments to chance, protect against a security breach and loss of valuable cargo. Ensure your property will be shipped safely and securely with CargoAlert™ anti-theft system. Be alerted immediately if a breach occurs. Any tampering attempt with the cargo cover activates an instant Alert that will map the breach location and time and allow cargo owner to interdict, assess and assign responsibility.

Years of development in cooperation with the industry leaders in technical weaving, tapes and adhesives, laminating, and GPS tracking, have yielded a simple, binary, fail safe solution to the expensive problem of cargo tampering, pilferage and theft.

  • Protect Your Valuable Cargo From Theft
  • Pharma
  • Electronics
  • Valuables
  • Crypto
    • CargoAlert Features:
    • Easy to Install
    • Discreet Black, or Bright Yellow Fabric with Warning Signs.
    • Locked down. Steel attachment cable is part of the alarm system.
    • Reusable. Built for multiple shipments.

       CargoAlert Instructions

      CargoAlert Data Sheet


      Patented in USA and international, including patents: 6,995,353, 7,098,444, 7,211,783, 7,332,728, 7,394,060, 7,482,924, 7,608,812, 7,619,226, 7,856,157, 7,924,166, 8,207,861, 8,653,971, 8,971,673
      & six patents pending. TPGS  is